DS-24 automatically way partition by Wireless Instructor/Trainer Mode

14 Dez 2017 10:25 #1 von Blademaster
Dear Jeti Team,

setting up und playing with the Wireless Modes/Trainer I noticed the following behavior.

By setting for example within the "Instuctor Wireless Mode" the value for ailerons to 60%, the
student can move ailerons by 60% and the instructor can move the ailerons only by 40%.

So it looks like, that the whole way (100%) is automatically partitioned by instructor and student.

Is there a possibility to avoid these automatically partition ?

I would like to have 100% way for the instructor independetly of the way (value) for the student.

For instructor I'm using a DS-24 and for student a DS-6.

Best regards,

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