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wanted: a tiny micro RX with one EX-Bus 13 Jun 2020 17:25 #1

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wanted: a tiny micro RX with one EX-Bus port or spi based software tx.


existing RX from jeti work with bigger copters like 200 size and up.
with betaflight 4.0 and cpu power of F4 and F7 cpu's it is now easy possible to use jeti temeletry with multicopters
(e.g. github.com/betaflight/betaflight/blob/ma....for.Jeti.Ex-Bus.pdf)
so it is possible that more people will fly their quads with jeti

due to corona our flying field was closed and i had lots of fun with an tiny woop in my home.
mine is a 65mm size and weights only 30g, makes a ton of fun, but i can't fly it with my DS16..
(e.g. betafpv.com/collections/meteor-series/pr...-whoop-quadcopter-1s)

looking at the market:
you get 65mm copters with HD camera
95mm size copters that have the DJI digital video system
100mm size toothpick quads that fly like the 200+ did a few years ago
in non of the above you can fit an jeti RX.

here is an size example of what i have at hand:

left: rsat2 i had to strip it or it would not have fitted in my 230er quad. (28x18mm)
right: frsky r-xsr (their rsat2) (16x11mm)
top: tiny woop all in one board, 4x ESC, OSD, SPI RX, bec and the controller itself (29x29mm)

if you want an external receiver for this it needs something like this:

archer M+ (17x11mm) (www.frsky-rc.com/product/archer-m/)
TBS CROSSFIRE NANO RX (11x18mm)(www.team-blacksheep.com/products/prod:crossfire_nano_se)

the smallest jeti rx is the R7 nano? (30x18mm)

small jeti RX would also be usefull for 100-200 helicopters, current RX do fit but smaller would be better

e.g. www.air-helicopter.com/Jeti-Receiver-for-Oxy-2_10731202.html

or work with the betaflight guys and make the SPI receiver work with jeti, in this case i would not have a problem if it only works after you buy a licence per spi RX
(afaik frsky does it this way with spi receivers)

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