Digital Input Selection CB 400

12 Dez 2016 09:55 #1 von Heiko

on CB400 FW 1.07 it is unfortunately only possible to select the Digital Input Function for Servo 17-24 all together. That means it is not possible to use for Example 1-22 as Servo Output and 23 + 24 as Digital Input.

Please change this feature to enable it to select the Digital Input/Output Function separately per Servo Channel.

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01 Sep 2017 22:32 #2 von Heiko
Addition to my previos post :

To be able to use at least 2 Digital-In Channels I equipped the CB400 with an RSat as RX1 and a REX3 as RX2. The REX3 was now configured to Digital-In Functionality on Port 1 and 3. So far no Problem !

But unfortunately only 1 Digital-In Value shows up under MX. The second one is not shown and not available.

If the REX3 is used as a Stand alone Solution everything works and 2 Digital-In Values show up under MX.

Latest Software Versions used on all Equipment.

Please correct this faulty Behavior with next CB400 Update.

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