DC-24 microphone management

04 Aug 2017 10:54 #1 von onki

the current microphone management is a bit annoying if a user is only using a simple earphone.
The question "Do you want to use ext. microphone" shows up every time you switch on the transmitter or plug in the headset.
I think an easier way is to make this selectable through the Transmitter options:

Ext. Microphone management:
Disabled : The external microphone is always disabled (even when a connector is plugged in). This might be most useful for earphone users
Auto : Everytime a connector is plugged in, the external microphone is activated automatically). This might be most useful for headset users
Manual : The question comes up every time a plug is connected (like it is now)
Wireless : The BT headset is used for Audio input. (future feature:whistle: ). This would be most useful as the BT headsets have a built in noise cancelling.

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