Some ideas

30 Sep 2017 22:16 #1 von GB
Hi Jeti,

some suggestions as follows:

Switch between pages of the mainscreen (telemetry data) by turning the rotary knob (optional).

Improvement of butterfly menu concerning flaps and airbrakes together on the "throttel stick". Flaps should deflect on the first half of control stick, airbrakes on the second half.

For better handling, a switch would be nice to come to the servo-monitor from wherever you are in the menu by one click und back.

Additional "type of control" for switch "half button/half switch" to achieve/improve combination of two funktions with the one stick.

Regards Götz

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26 Okt 2017 14:26 #2 von Miko
It's true that using 5-7-9 points curves you can manage a lot to trim butterfly, but also a possibility to delay one of the 3 elements will be fine !
For example when butterfly stick is at a certain position ( I use 40% offset for example) will be fine to be able to have elevator movement some seconds BEFORE flaps and ailerons, just to be able to compensate in an adequate mode. And/or viceversa, to delay flaps+ailerons in respect to elevator - for example 2 or 3 seconds after elevator is in the final position.


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