Jeti-Studio Batch Import Log Files still missing

17 Nov 2017 12:15 - 17 Nov 2017 12:18 #1 von skyfreak
Dear Jeti Developer Team

A few moments ago the new Version of Jeti-Studio (1.06) was released. Thanks ever so much for a great log-analysis-tool and even for mac OSX, great job.

I think I speak for nearly every Jeti user, well here in the forum for sure, we are all really happy how you develop your hardware and software and how you keep track and react on user comments an wishes.
As Steve Jobs would have said ... but "there is one more thing" ... Jeti-Studio batch import log files.

On a good weekend I fly 20+ times with e.g. my hotliner.
Sunday night at home the curiosity is always really high and first thing is checking logs.

And then the 'round-trip' starts.

file open - select - confirm opening
file open - select - confirm opening
file open - select - confirm opening
... 20+ times for just one model.

I asked for this feature through your websites feedback form before and after every single release right from the beginning of Jeti-Studio.
This is such a common feature in all apps and programs, cross plattform, every user is used to multiple select files and a single confirmation to open them all.

Please Pealse Please ... I really beg you to implement this feature, cannot be such a big thing or am I wrong and it is a hughe effort?
Martin replied on every feedback I sent you every time and promised it is on the list, but yet not implemented. :(

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