Dream "simple"REX 3 A to REX 6 A

30 Nov 2017 20:18 #1 von e-modell
Hello Jeti Team,
Thank you for the development of the good Assist receiver! These are very complex with many features. The variometer is not unlocked yet.
I hope, that there will be a free update for it at the beginning of next year.

Furthermore, I hope for low-cost receiver (3 to 6 channels, REX3 A to REX 6 A ...?) with internal gyro system without variometer ...
These cheap receivers (<100, - €) require many model pilots for smaller jets and sports models made of foam.
Other brands have had such receivers for several years!
Please develop this "simple" receiver. So, I'm very happy.

Thank you for your good Job!

BR Bernd

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