Extensions / improvement of the Q value

13 Jun 2018 22:00 #1 von e-modell
Much has already been said about the Q value. Unfortunately, it is not possible to read the quality of the transmitted data packets from the transmitter and correctly received data packets at the receiver from the Q value. I would appreciate the following realization in the near future. Other systems can do that already.
Please realize two Q-values.
1. TX-Q for the connection transmitter -> receiver
2. RX-Q for the connection receiver -> transmitter (return channel)
Better would be the exact indication of lost data packets at each receiver antenna during a flight.
Display the transmission quality in "%", "dBm" or "% R".
For example, 50 lost data packets / s are regarded as 0% RSSI, and 0 lost data packets / s is 100%
It would be a real improvement!
With these values you can estimate the quality of the transmission and optimize the position of the antennas in the model.

best regards
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