Jeti DC24 correct method for adjusting Servo travel for ailerons

05 Dez 2017 15:39 #1 von Bose
Can anyone help by telling me the correct procedure for adjusting the Servo travel for ailerons for a glider.
I wish to have +20mm up and 10 mm down. Using Servo setup on my DC24 I do not get enough travel.
Using my Jeti box I Can move the Servo to both limits. 0.990ms to 2.150ms.
Thank you for your help.

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05 Dez 2017 16:41 #2 von skyfreak
hi Bose (that your real name? we use to have real nmes here ;))

I am owning a DC-16 only but the procedure on DC-24 should be pretty same.

when starting to install servos in my planes I aways go first to the servo menu and set the travels as well as the limits to 50%, default is 100% travel and 125% limits, and check that the middle is zero.
I do this befor attaching the servos to the RX to make sure that no servo by chance is travelling to much and maybe than burnig due to any mechanical end/block (especially when mixers are programmed already in regards to the limits).

this done I attach the servo to the RX and power it up so to say. quick check the travelling way it does with these 50% way and limit and checking the middle and directioon it travels.
than I attach the control horns and link them to the rudder.
now I can adjust the mid postion as desired mechanically as near as possible to where it should be in mid postion. for airleroons normally middle in setup is really iddle mechanicall as well. for flaps where I need a lot of travel down for breaks and just minimu travel up, the control horn on the servo is adjusted adaquately so that transmitter middle might not necessarily correspond to the rudder being in 'strak' (don't know the propper english expression, but I think you might knwo what I mean.)

no I start for e.g. ailerons to raise the travell and limits in the TX up to the maximum posiible way the servo can travell up an down. that way I can check the maximum mechanical way the servo can travell before blocking at it's end positions. even if this way is not needed in flight. truning the travel and or limit down or use the dualrate to adjust is than easy, but this wa I am sure I use only settings in servo menu, that will never bring the servo over it's mechanical position.

and then the finetuning starts.
if for ailerons e.g. the maximum physical way is let's say 25mm up and 25mm down before it blocks mechanically somewhere, so I adjust the travel and limits first parallel to these 25mm.
if then the setting requires only 10mm up and 7mm down, than I adjust only the travel not the limits, to correspond these values.
that way lets say the travels and limits are both 120% for the maximum possible way of 25mm up/down as mentioned above.
now I leave the limits at 120% and trun down the travels from 120% (25mm) to maybe 80% up and 75% down until the 10mm up and 7mm down are reached.
when now the dualrate is raised or a mixer adds way to a servo, then it will never exeed the mechanical 25mm up and and down as the limits are set to exactly this maximum travel.
this way I have been able to get any travelling way I wanted up till now. and am safe regarding to raise any DR or mixer not to exceed the pysical way the servo can maximum travel.

I hope this makes it a little bit more transparent for you.
please bare with my english, would have been easier to ecplain in german ;)
in case ya want to go through the process 1:1 please contact me by PM, we might find a way e.g. skype to communicate directly.


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05 Dez 2017 17:41 - 05 Dez 2017 19:42 #3 von Bose
Yes my Real name is Bose — Thank you very much for your Quick reply.

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05 Dez 2017 18:12 - 05 Dez 2017 18:16 #4 von skyfreak
hi bose

you should have mail, just in case check four spam folder too.

and if it is just for wrinting, then we can continue here for everyone readable and participateable too.
was just offering if ya prefer a voice communication over multiple posts back and forth.

if you don't mind your mail in public, ok ... otherwise delete it, before the spambots grab it ;)
we have a private messaging functionality here in the froum as well ;)


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