From 3 to 4 servo per wing - Copy and modify !

12 Aug 2018 17:44 #1 von Miko
I've a Skywalker 3.8 mt with 2 ailerons and 1 flap per wing.So 3 servos per wing.

I am waiting for the Baudis' kit to compose an XL version with a central wing part with 1 more flaps. So 4 servos per wing.

There is a possibility to copy my Skywalker 3.8.jsn file to have all setting already in perfect position AND ADDING the second inner flap to obtain a Skywalker XL.jsn program?

So, copy and modify from 3 to 4 servo per wing ( without copy all settings ....a very boring activity !

Your skill and advices will be very very appreciated !


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