Cut wires from 70 pro Opto

01 Aug 2015 17:26 #7 von JAyThaRevo

Miko schrieb: Stupid question but never I tried before : if I cut wire from Esc to motor and tomorrow I want longer, is it possible opening carefully plastic around circuit to change completely wires? or soldering directly motor wires?
Excuse me.
Hacker 70 OPTO arrived today.....

Yes, this is possible. But as others here pointed out already. You need to have sufficient soldering iron power. I would even say you need at least 80W. Makre sure to move fast. If you need a lot of time to get the solder to melt you will heat up the whole ESC too (which is not good). Thats why you need a lot of power because the ESC is designed to dissipate the heat quickly.

Why not leave some length of cable on the ESC and use that to solder your motor onto?

The video you showed shows a mini quad. These ESC's typically can handle currents up to 20A's. This is not every much and thus not very critical if its not done perfectly.
On the other hand your Hacker 70 is able to deal with 70A constant! Thats much much more.

If you really do this you could take 1 or 2 pictures to show us the solder joint and we can tell you if it looks good or not.

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01 Aug 2015 18:32 #8 von Miko
Thanks to all for answers, now I know it's critical but possible.

In this very moment I changed layout inside my sailplane to avoid to cut wires.

For soldering I've an Ersa Pico station and I can chose temperature from 200° to 450° using a fine 2 mm. soldering pin.

I think it's good/ fast enough in removal or re soldering cables.

But I repeat, in this moment I postponed this procedure.

Solder piece of wire to a short cable seems to me too much "a dirty job" also if voltage drop is limited.
A question of order or style looking inside the fuselage..........



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02 Aug 2015 13:32 - 02 Aug 2015 13:33 #9 von h.eberbach

... at your discretion ;) ;) ;)


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